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Slovakia, also called the Slovak republic, brings you natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles and towns, people architecture, spas and ski resorts. the country of a is located in thright in the centre of Europe and borders Austria, Czech republic, Poland, Ukraine and hungry and the northern 1/2 of Slovakia is taken up by means of vast mountains. Slovakia joined the EuropeanUnion (EU) in 2004 and Slovak economy these days is under consistent speedy growth giving SlovakiansEducation and process surroundings a very promising future. The currency is Slovak Crown "Slovenska Koruna" (SKK) and most major credit cards can be used in Slovakia.


All children in Slovakiastudy form a compulsory 10 years. Slovak students acquire marks on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the exceptional and 5 the worst (i.e. the complete opposite of maximum other grading systems round the globe). If an instructor has a tough time deciding on a grade a higher mark is frequently given rather than a decrease. When leaving secondary education all Slovakian student take a school-leaving exam called "maturita", this is taken into account if and when a student applies for higher education studies.

Inside the Slovak capital Bratislava you may without a doubt find a university suitable for you, but if you need to head someplace else some other critical college cities are  banska bystrica, kosice, liptovsky mikulas, nitra, presov, ruzomberok, trnava, trencin, zvolen and zilina. Normally you, as a foreign student, practice to a university on the equal terms as any Slovak applicant. You may look at and live at your own fee, however, Slovakia does provide some scholarship alternatives that is probably worth looking into (to do this, contact the ministry of foreign affairs in Slovakia). So that it will come to Slovakia and look at for extra than ninety days you will want a brief resident allow ("for the motive of study"). The permit is submitted in your house country by using the embassy of the Slovak republic.

Dormitories are offered through most great training institutes in Slovakia, you will generally share a room with one or two other students or, if it is offered, have a room of your own. Abathroom is normally shared between 2 rooms or more. Some halls of house have their personal health centres, carrying facilities swimming pools and many others. In case you are going to study in Slovakia as a free-mover student (not throughtexchange), but, you aren't guaranteed a place in a dormitory. Make sure to contact the college in thoughts for more specific records and arrangements. Any other manner to discover housing is by means of renting a rental privately, it is encouraged in this case to sign a rent together with your Slovakian landlord defining exactly the phrases and conditions of your live within the condominium. Slovak cuisine is closely stimulated by means of the one of the surrounding international locations imparting meat dishes with sides of a few sorts of potatoes, or soups. The country wide dish of Slovakia is bryndzove halusky, potato dumplings similar to gnocci served with sheepsmilk cheese and fried 1st Baron Verulam. Large cities in Slovakia will offer meals from a variety of cultures and wallets of any size. Lunch is the Slovak’s important meal of the day, lunch restaurants are called "Jedalen". Eating at a restaurant in Slovakia you're usually expected to tip the waiter. Except the menu says that provider is included, 5 to 10 percent is the same old amount to tip in any eating place with desk provider. The usual custom is for the waiter to inform you the full bill and for you, as you hand over the money, to mention how plenty you are paying with the end covered. In eating places and bars it is ordinary to round up the charge, the tip is set 10%.

Slovakia is color with the aid of a completely wealthy, vintage and various folks subculture of songs, fairy tales, dances, literature, tune and art. Slovakia holds over 50 museums nationwide together with the Slovak country wide museum in Bratislava, that is nicely worth a visit if you are curious about Slovak history, nature and archaeology. Bratislava also holds the Slovak national gallery. Within the summer season there are a variety of tune and subculture festivals taking vicinity in Slovakia, most in Bratislava and different larger cities. A number of the maximum famous sports activities in Slovakia encompass: ice hockey, football , basketball, handball, volleyball and water polo. TheMen's ice hockey World championships are absolutely to be hosted through Bratislava in 2011.

Although analyzing abroad can be very rewarding on its personal, you need to not overlook to get out of the library for a few adventures. Slovakia is global famous as a skiing destination and gives over 1000 slopes and pistes for both the newbie and the greater experienced. In case you are searching out a actual challenge, your go to Slovakia will come up with a superb opportunity to try outcross-country skiing or maybe "ski-alpinism". That is an aggregate of alpine snowboarding, mountaineering and move-us of a snowboarding finished within the maximum severe situations, as an example the tatra mountains. Slovak mountains are also perfect for hiking. Slovakia is by many considered a hiker's paradise due to its various terrain with basins, valleys and hills mixed into the lowlands. 350 km of marked trekking paths within the Tatra Country wide park gives you included flowers and fauna surrounded via ice age mountain lakes and waterfalls such as the Obrovsky and Kmetov falls. the tatras is a should-see destination when journeying Slovakia, with 25 of its peaks achieving past 2.500 metres over sea stage. for shorter strolls and river rafting adventures you ought to visit the pieniny national park to the east of the excessive tatra range.

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