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NORTH CAUCASIAN STATE MEDICAL INSTITUTE serve in their own countries has maintained A large no of for training This enables them to make up to date health services available for people in the rular and semiurban areas in differnt parts of the country through the hospitals under their auspices It expect that those who recieve training here will keep the need of the peoples of his country force most in their minds when they start their vocation The trainees are exposed to the most odern developments in medical science and at the same time eual emphasis given to making them services oriented so that they identify themselves with the community where they are called to serve In medical institute annualy trains over 2000 students the faculty of general medicine training and retaining the professionals for specialization each academic year more than 50 Doctors trained in the internship residency the graduate school The Academy separately operating the coordinators for additional post\graduate eduactaion with higher profession of the north caucasian district The academy operates 54 departments which employs over 800 people teaching staff of whom more than 85 doctors professors about 250 candidates The university engaged in research and clinical activities and 21 academician corresponding member of Russian academy of medical science 35 professor are members of other russian and international academics .


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  • Hostel
  • Library
  • Visa / Registration/Immigration
  • Airport Pickup service
  • limedical examination
  • Annual parents ? teachers, interac- tive program

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