Hello future doctors! Yes, we know what you are thinking, what is the point of your dilemma. And we have brought the answers with us. Finally, the NEET date has been announced. Though behind its schedule but it was expected in this pandemic. So, naturally, all after the process will somehow be pushed along. But we at studymedico.com recommend you not do so. Plan now for after the result. Keep your options open and your research solid. And one such option is Uzbekistan. Yes.
Uzbekistan is a very prominent and beneficial option amongst the other foreign countries which offer medical degrees. Indian medical seats are not enough for everyone and that's no news. So, prepare beforehand to not let your academic year go waste and choose the best country and university for your MBBS degree.
Uzbekistan is one of the countries which has always been amongst the top choices of Indian students for their MBBS degree.
and nothing changes this but this sword of pandemic above our heads. CoVID-19 has brought everything to a halt and students and the education sector are both at crossroads.
We recommend continuing your application process or if not started do it now.
Start by researching what are the requirements of your university or decide on the university you want to pursue. admissions applications are done online so getting a head start at that will give you an advantage.
Can't decide which college to choose? Contact us at studymedico.com to find the best college in Uzbekistan according to your requirements.
Uzbekistan is a small country with less population due to which pandemic is under control there and things are likely to come on track a lot faster than other countries.
Medical facilities in Uzbekistan are advanced and well enough to handle the pandemic. Due to that, there are higher chances that borders will be open soon to welcome the incoming foreign studies. so, if needed you will get proper and good medical care.
All precautions to keep you safe from the pandemic will be taken and the same will be expected from you too.
The official academic session is said to be commenced in the coming months.
All precautions will be taken for the incoming students to avoid COVID-19.
COVID-19 test after arrival, mandatory isolation, proper care for the students, etc.
So, amongst all other options, Uzbekistan seems to be the best option in light of recent events.
Why Uzbekistan?
Uzbekistan is a peaceful country with rich cultural and lots of opportunities for global exposure.
a large number of Indian students go to Uzbekistan for higher education there so you will not be the only one. Uzbekistan is also safe for female students. it is a cosmopolitan country and carries a European vibe.

Benefits of MBBS in Uzbekistan.

  1. Affordable fees and low cost of accommodation. The fee structure of Uzbekistan is very affordable compared to Indian private colleges and other foreign countries. living in Uzbekistan is also fairly reasonable than other European countries.
  2. the universities of Uzbekistan are government-owned and are approved by MCI and other medical boards of the world, which is important for your degree.
  3. Universities of Uzbekistan are well known for collaborating with various organizations and other countries to provide exposure and efficient real-time training to students.
  4. the language of the curriculum is English which is a global language.
  5. Many Indian organizations and institutions are in collaboration with universities in Uzbekistan so, protective care is given to Indian students.
  6. No language proficiency test is required in Uzbekistan so that's one less thing to do.


  • Qualify class 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology with at least 50%
  • Neet should be qualified.
  • The applicant should be of a minimum of 17 years of age.

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