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Mauritius, a popular vacation spot for Indians due to its beautiful beaches, reefs, and lagoons is also a home for Indian students with big dreams of attending universities.MBBS in MauritiusIt is extremely popular in India for many reasons, but some students are dismayed by the fee structure of only two.MBBS Colleges in Mauritius. There are only two colleges, and they have limited seats. You will need to be quick if you wish to study on an island with beautiful water bodies and aquatic life.

MBBS in Mauritius Overview

Indian students can get MBBS in Mauritius quick overview:

Time After clearing NEET, 5 years + 1 year internship in India
Medium for Instruction English for the complete course
Weather conditions There are two seasons. The summer is from November to April with a temperature average of 24.7 degrees Celsius and the winter is relatively dry from June to September with an average temperature of 20.4 degrees Celsius. Only 4.3 degrees Celsius is the temperature difference between seasons.
Universities approved by MCI Yes
Number of MCI-accredited universities Only 2 with limited seating and a high budget
Budget is required Rs 40 lakh
Universities that have been approved by WHO Both MCI-approved colleges are WHO recognized
Dominant Religion Hinduism – 48.54%, Christianity 32.71% (with Catholicism being the largest Christian denomination at 26,26 %), Islam 17.30%
Is Mauritius MBBS Degree name valid in India? After passing the licensing exam, the Mauritius MBBS degree is equivalent to the MBBS in India.
To be able to study, do I need to become a NEET?MBBS in MauritiusWhat is the best way to get started? Yes.Qualifying For admission to any MCI recognized university abroad, NEET is required.
FMGE Results Very high

MBBS Course in Mauritius

A 5-year MBBS program is offered by the MCI-approved universities of Mauritius. After your academic tenure in Mauritius is completed, you are eligible to travel to India to take the licensing exam. After passing the screening exam, you can start the internship in India. The internship lasts for 1 year. You will be issued a permanent license number that allows you to practice medicine in India.


Indian Students Eligible for MBBS in Mauritius

It is not as hard or difficult as you might think to get into one of the Mauritius colleges for MBBS. To secure a place, students must meet certain criteria. It's simple!

Let's take a look at the eligibility criteria as a tabular format.

Age Requirement Minimum age- 17 Years
India Entrance Exam India does not require an entrance test
NEET Qualification All students must be NEETUG certified. NEET results are valid for 3 years for MBBS in other countries.
Qualifying Marks starting in Class 12th 60% in aggregate in class 12th
Requirements for 12th Grade English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Mauritius Entrance Test Both colleges choose students based on their 12th grade results. No entrance test required. Interviews are required for SSR Medical College.

Each college has its own selection process and requirements for documents. We will then examine each college individually and see what we can do to help you choose.

  • Documents are required
  • Admission Process
  • Fee Structure


Admission Process

The admission procedures for the 2 MCI-recognized medical universities in Mauritius are as follows:

Anna Medical College

Anna Medical college has all the necessary equipment and state-of-the art infrastructure. The faculty is a mixture of Indian and Mauritius professors. This is why so many Indian students choose MBBS to study in Mauritius. There is uniqueness mixed with a touch of familiarity. The college has a library with tons of books, and Flacq is a teaching hospital that serves the 170,000 residents of East Mauritius. The college has an Academic affiliation with the University of Technology Mauritius. It began the course in 2012 The degree is called MBBS.

According to their official website The admission process is now as follows:

  • Examination of Information

The admission committee reviews the information submitted by applicants and makes sure it is accurate. Information about their class 10+2, grades and qualifications, as well as the suitability of the student to study at Mauritius. The family's ability to pay the fees will also be checked.

  • Short Listing

The admission committee shortlists students whose information has been verified and their grades taken into account. The students are notified about their location one week before the interview round. International students can also apply for visas at Anna Medical College.

  • Personal Interview

An interview will be conducted by the admission committee at Anna Medical College. It will take place in English and in an informal setting. The Dean will receive the information required for the interview and make recommendations about the students' suitability.

  • Dean Approval

Based on the recommendations of the admission committee, the Dean will make a decision.

  • Medical Fitness

Before being accepted into the college, the selected students must be determined fit by the selection committee. The medical certificate must be submitted by the student.

  • Final Enrolment

The deadline for students selected is set by the college to submit documents and pay fees. Refusal to enroll on time can result in the cancellation of your admission. Students are admitted to the college in two batches: April and September.


  • The certification of class 12th with a 60% aggregate in all four subjects with English
  • NEET-UG certification
  • Documents relating to finances/loans
  • Medical Certificate
  • The student's birth certificate
  • Identification of the student
  • Students from abroad require visas and passports.

SSR Medical College

SSR Medical College was established almost 20 years ago. The college's location near the airport makes it an attractive choice for international students, especially Indian students. It is surrounded by lush tea gardens and other natural beauty. International students must stay at campus hostels. They are separated for different genders. A mess is also available. A hospital is essential for medical colleges. Students of SSR receive training in Jawahar Lal Nehru and Victoria hospitals, as well as other government-approved hospitals that have more than 1,000 beds. It is affiliated with the University of Mauritius Faculty of Science and Department of Medicine. Classes began in 2002. Name of the degree in MBBS.

According to their official website The admission process is now as follows:

  • Filling Form

Students must fill out the application form in their own handwriting. You can get the form from either the registered office in Mauritius, or the registered center in New Delhi. The prospectus contains all details about the colleges.

The college stated clearly that the submission of an application form and payment of registration fees does not guarantee a candidate a place. To fill the seats in MBBS Course at SSR Medical College, there is another step.

  • Selections of Candidates

Selection is based on merit and ability to pay fees.

The dean invites the shortlisted students to an interview round. The required fee will be charged to the D.D. before admission. In favour of the "Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust".


SSR Medical College requires that you attach certain documents to your application form. These documents are required to be attached with the application form.

  • Pass certificate/Mark list of qualifying examination (10+2/A Level or equivalent)
  • Conduct certificate from Head of Institution
  • Document to prove your age
  • A Medical Certificate from a Registered Physician confirming that the candidate is physically fit to take the course
  • Self-addressed & stamped envelope size (9 1/2 " x 4 1/2 ")
  • Affidavit in prescribed format


Studying MBBS in Mauritius has its advantages

  • Both colleges are accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and are also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  • English is the main language spoken in Mauritius, along with many Indian regional languages. Many Indians have settled in Mauritius, making it more convenient and less awkward for Indian students.
  • Mix faculty from Mauritian and Indian professors.
  • The cost of living in Australia is lower than other large countries such as South Africa, Australia and America.
  • You are surrounded by lush green pastures and lakes.
  • The environment is peaceful and low in pollution.
  • Students pass a high percentage and many prefer to return to India for work.
  • There is no need to make a donation
  • India's food and language are very similar.


The disadvantages of studying MBBS at Mauritius

While we've covered some of the benefits, this doesn't mean that there aren't disadvantages to studying in Mauritius. Many of these can be a problem for Indian students who are trying to study abroad. These are the majorThere are disadvantages to studying MBBS in MauritiusAre -

  • Mauritius is very similar to India. Students who want to leave their country to find new cultures and habits can find it boring in Mauritius.
  • Its limited colleges and high fees are its biggest drawback. The college fees, including hostel and mess, can reach upwards of Rs40 lakhs. This can be quite expensive for some families. The budget for the first year is between Rs10-15 lakh.
  • Students who want to escape the heat in India are not likely to be disappointed.
  • Although the island is small and charming, it can still be disappointing for students.
  • According to 2018 estimates, the population is just 12.7 million. This results in a lower patient flow.
  • There are only a few seats available.
  • Only 80% of new students can stay at SSR Medical College. Rest must find accommodation elsewhere.
  • The campus and hostel of Anna Medical College are quite far from each other. Transport costs can be as high as Rs80,000-1,000,000 per annum.


MBBS in Mauritius Syllabus

Here is the MBBS syllabus and structure at Mauritius -

Pre-Clinical (2 Semesters)


Paraclinical (3 Semesters)

Forensic Medicine

Clinical (5 semesters).

Community Medicine
General Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
General Surgery


Mauritius MBBS Degree: Value

The MBBS degree obtained from Mauritius can be recognized by -

WHO - World Health Organization
MCI – Medical Council of India
ECFMG – Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
IMED - International Medical Education Directory
FAIMER – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
TEC - Tertiary Education Commission Mauritius
USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination
LMCC – Licentiate of The Medical College of Canada


Mauritius MBBS Fees

Mauritius' MBBS is more expensive than other countries like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and nearly all of the medical universities in Bangladesh and Russia. The following isStructure of the Mauritius MBBS Fees-

SSR Medical College Fees

SSR Medical College Fee Structure Annually (USD) For 5 years, total in USD
Tuition fees 8000 40,000
Hostel Fees 1,200 6,000
Non-refundable registration fee 6,000 (one-time). 6,000
Hostel Registration Fee (Non-refundable). 2,000 (one-time). 2,000
Mess Fees 1,200 6,000
Development fees 6,000 (one-time). 6000
Total   66,000

Total in Rupees = USD 66,000 x 75 = 47.50 Lakh.


  • Additional charges for flight travel will apply
  • In addition to the tuition fee, an examination fee of USD 100 per subject is payable.
  • The student who pays all fees upfront will receive a USD 8,000 discount or 20%.
  • The hostel accepts twin sharing.
  • The rooms in hostels have an attached toilet and a bathroom with hot water. Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, chair, and cupboard. The rooms must be returned in their original condition upon vacating. The Hostel residents have the option of a private room for one person for USD 200 per night = USD 2,400 annually (subject to availability).

Anna Medical College

Anna Medical College Fee Structure Annual (MUR). Total for five years
Tuition fees 3,22,000 16,10,000
Hostel Fees 84,000 4,20,000
Mess Fees 60,000 3,00,000.
Transport 48,000 2,40,000

Total in Rupees = 2570,000 x 1.90 = Rs49 Lakh


  • Above fees include Exam & Affiliation Fees and Registration Charges. Lab & ICT charges are not included.
  • Students must stay in a hostel for their first year, unless they are granted an exception at the discretion of the institution.
  • At the time of admission, a MUR 100,000/- Caution Money (Refundable), will be due. After payment of all fees to the College, the Caution Money will be refunded.
  • The university will enter into a Financial Agreement with each student concerning the payment plan for all fees at the time of admission.
  • Additional costs will apply for flights.


Percentage of FMGE passing

The following is the FMGE passing percentage for Indian students who have completed MBBS in Mauritius.

College Appeared Passed Pass %
Anna Medical College 62 41 66.13%
SSR Medical College 92 40 43.8%

The highest FMGE passing rate is in Mauritius.


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