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Upon submission of your passport, we obtain your visa invitation and in due course get your passport stamped with the visa. The visa that you receive is an educational visa, which is basically an entry visa, which is valid for duration of 3 months. This means that you would have to enter the country within three months of the issuance of the visa. Upon reaching the university, the same visa is registered with the local immigration authorities and you would get a registration to stay and study at the university for one year. Simultaneously, you would also be registered at the hostel where you would be staying.


Majority of the students proceeding to foreign countries for study would need to suspend their Emigration Check Required (ECR). Please note that failure to suspend the same would mean that the student would be unable to fly abroad. This results in cancellation of the air ticket at the last moment and put the student and the parents in unwarranted trouble. We ensure the clearance of the same. Presently the Government has given ECR Clearance to the persons holding 10 + 2 qualification. Earlier, minimum Graduate qualification was necessary for ECR Clearance.

Check List:
  1. Passport (original)
  2. Air Ticket
  3. Copy of the visa
  4. Copy of admission letter
  5. Foreign exchange for the fees/ living expenses.
  6. All original certificates like 10th & +2 certificates.
  7. Medicines like - Vomitting tablets, Acidity, losse motion, cotton for ears & ear drops.
While Travelling:
  1. Always adhere to the weight restriction imposed by the airline. The airlines allows the below listed bagage only-
    • Checkin Bag weight maximum 20 Kgs only.
    • Hand bag weight maximum 5 Kgs only.
    • Any excess baggage would have to be paid by you at the airport in cash. Please note that the weight of the baggage at home and that at the airport always varies. Therefore please carry with you adequate Indian Rupees so that any excess baggage could be paid for.

  2. Always carry your important documents (10th, +2 & admission letter) in your hand baggage only. Your cash and passport should always be in the waist pouch.
  3. Do not accept any parcels from strangers at the airport. They may carry drugs, explosives or any banned substances.
  4. Do not talk or make relationship with co-passengers or any other strangers you meet in the airport. They may rob or steal your passport or money. Always be in a group.
  5. Don't forget your belongings i.e. handbag, waist pouch, spectacles, watch & gold rings etc, when you use toilets in the flights or in the airport.
  6. Don't carry gold jewellary & any other expensive ornaments along with you.
  7. Maintain discipline at the airport and on the aircraft.
  8. Carry pen to fill the emigration, customs and entry forms in the airports.
  9. Shoe is compulsory to both girls & boys.
  10. Full hand shirt with sweater or any warm clothes are advised when travelling, because of low temperature air condition in the flight & in the airport.
It is advisable to carry the following items with you::
  1. Books: Please carry some subject related books with you for e.g., General Reference Books, Medical dictionary, and Log table, some books on Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology.
  2. Cloths: Shirts, Trousers, (please ensure you carry some Jeans or tarry wool pants as winters are quite cold) T-shirts, shorts, socks (woolen & nylon), blazer, leather jacket, khakis, Bermudas (up to your knee length), woolen (inner) & jackets (snow fall very rare), sweater, leather gloves, scarf and traditional dress.
  3. Medicines: medicine you take for common ailments, like cold, cough, fever, headache, body-ache, stomach-ache, acidity, some tonsils medicine, if you are carrying some specific medicine, also carry prescription from your doctor.
  4. Personal Stuff: shaving kit, hair oil, combs, small mirror, toothpaste, soap, washing powder, cold cream, face powder, etc.,
  5. Small items: Key – chains, swing thread, spare buttons & hooks, pen, writing pads, markers, digital diary, spare spectacles (if any, and prescription for vision)
  6. Money: D.D. in dollars against Tuition fee & Hostel fee, if you are paying by demand draft, or proof of transaction of money if you have paid it by wire transfer or any other mode as mentioned in (how to pay) link., credit cards or debit cards, or cash for food, miscellaneous payments and packet money.
  7. Miscellaneous: Alarm clock, photos of family, updated address book, wrist watch, etc.,
  8. Reports: Original medical reports of student, foreigner physical record form signed and stamped by doctor, education documents.