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Is dedicated to help students aspiring for undergraduate and postgraduate and postgraduate education in medicine and to select appropriate university and course. STUDY OVERSEAS also helps for finding internship, placement or admission in postgraduate course worldwide. STUDY OVERSEAS has been successfully providing advice and service to students for over a decade. STUDY OVERSEAS with its wide network of admission coordinators across India always provide guidance to those students who are willing to purpose career and education in medical sciences (MBBS, MS, MD, BEMT, PhD).

Different cost effective options

Contrary to popular belief, foreign education is not always overboard with expenses. Some European countries do not even charge tuition fees for their course. They offer this facility because of Government funding of the education system. Scholarships are always available for eligible candidates. We shall help you prepare for the scholarship evaluation test. We maintain the latest resources of education funding opportunities in various countries of the world. You will find all necessary information at one place in our website. Our resources also include information on student swapping programs. Universities in different countries maintain ties with their Indian counterparts. Often students from different countries swap places. These are great opportunities for the eligible candidates.

Understanding the destination

Staying abroad is going to be a life-altering experience. Whenever you get to stay in a different culture and climate for a long time, it always has a changing effect in your life. You get to make new friends from across the world. You see new places, have new relationships, and learn new things. Besides, for studying further in certain disciplines, you have to choose the best university/college. Sometimes, the best one is in another country. We shall assist in the complete enrollment process at a suitable overseas educational center. Whether you seek admission in a Public University or a Private one, we shall help effectively.

Comprehensive counseling assistance

Our services also include providing guidance for securing an education loan. We have good connections in the education loan sector. Our suggestions would assist students in procuring the necessary monetary help on reasonable conditions. We shall provide the grooming assistance for the visa interview. This is a very crucial procedure deciding your access to the education system overseas. You need to be confident, honest, and brilliant in the interview. Our counselors shall conduct mock interviews until you are fully confident. We shall ensure you to achieve your dream of pursuing the best courses overseas. We shall assist in selecting the most appropriate course between different similar options. If you want to find the best courses in your subject in different countries, consult our site for the latest information. When you contact us via phone or emails, we shall promptly clear your doubts. After you compare the courses, the living costs, and other parameters, you can decide the right program on your own. Following your decision, we shall help to materialize it into reality.